I love writing music for stories because it requires you to dream outside the realm of the known, to immerse yourself fully in a moment or a character, and seek out a story’s beating heart; that unique thing that makes it important to tell.

Music is such a powerful storytelling tool, it’s amazing to think that not only was it a part of the art form of cinema before dialogue in silent movies, it also preceded speech in human history. It gives me a lot of satisfaction when I can empower directors to push this tool to its limits, and to take them on a journey of discovery across musical genres and cultures.

To my mind, as soon as sound is intentional it becomes music. All sound, be it laser rifles or lapping waves have musical characteristics and emotion. Sound and music for media have to work together to create a cohesive picture, in smaller teams I enjoy overseeing all aspects of the soundscape to ensure this, and on projects of a larger scale I work closely with the rest of the sound team towards a shared vision.

I’m based in Wellington, New Zealand’s Film capital, and can take on scoring and sound design projects of all scales with a network of world-class sound and music professionals.

I live with my wife Anna, who is a vocalist/producer working under the stage name Edie, an ever growing collection of unique instruments and resonant pieces of scrap metal, and our dog Max, who is an expert at creature vocals.