Judgement Tavern

2015 - Fantasy/Thriller – Short – Composer

A high production value dark fantasy short film. We wanted to create a scary, tense and fantastical score without moving into the current cliches of 'epic music' so I a I took an exploratory approach, combining stunning performances from members of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and Tudor Consort with such left field sounds as the Japanese koto and bowing the springs from my attic-staircase.


On the Conditions and Possibilities of Hillary Clinton Taking Me As Her Young Lover

2016 - Comedy/Drama – Composer & Sound Designer

A ludicrous 40min film about a young man determined to woo Hillary Clinton who is stopped at the USA border. The music is an unusual mixture of sweeping Disney-esque orchestra and low fi retro organs, written to tell the tale from the somewhat deranged perspective of the lead character


End of term

2015 - Horror/Thriller - Web series - Composer & Sound Designer

A web series about a group of high school teenagers trapped in the middle of an apocalyptic viral outbreak. Over the course of the series the score sickens and mutates from familiar high energy action music to darkly unsettling industrial. My composition and sound design work on the series was recognised at the 2016 LA Webfest where it was awarded both "Best Original Score: Drama" and "Best Sound Design: Drama"



2016 - Composer & Sound Designer

A short thriller with a dark twist about a homeless man who sees future disasters in his dreams. The score is a minimalist electronic bed of rising and falling distortion and sub frequencies which heighten the film’s visceral impact.



2015 - Animation - Short - Sound Designer, Score Mixer

A darkly comic animated short about a world-wide meat crisis, and a scientist who finds an unexpected solution. The sound design brims with squelching and gore as experiments are carried out and the ‘Shmeat’ grows.


Sound Sleep

2015 -  Drama - Short film - Composer

A surreal short with an emotional gut punch ending, created as part of the annual 48hours filmmaking competition. The score was awarded the National Best Score prize for 2015, as well as the film receiving a coveted Peter Jackson Wildcard award.


Jing ling Master

2014 - Animation/Action – Short - Composer & Sound Designer

A wild 3D animated pitch short for an upcoming children's action feature which I scored and sound designed. The score blends traditional elements of Chinese Opera with the western orchestra for a fun-filled martial arts extravaganza



2014 - Period Drama – Short – Composer

A 15min period drama short about early NZ settlers. The score is simple and melodically driven featuring piano quintet with a smattering of Taonga Puoro


Actually alex

2014 Drama – Short – Composer

An emotionally honest trans-gender short about a troubled reunion. The indie rock score swings easily between tenderness and raw angst.


ALong Beside

2014 - Drama - Short - Composer & Sound Designer

A short film about the fleeting reunion and strained relationship of a brother and sister. The score has an indie electronica/ambient flavour, evoking the emptiness of a 20something's struggling to find direction in life. 



2014 - Drama - Short - Composer

A charmingly dialogue-free short about a girl and an old man who connect over the game of chess. The orchestral score guides the story of the relationship in the style of a silent film.


The Sleeping plot

2013 - Black Comedy - Short - Composer

This 48hours short won the Grand National Prize for 2013, and featured a cheeky score with equal mixes of innocent and creepy. The film has gone on to feature at Fantastic Fest and is currently being incorporated into an American anthology of dark short films


How to meet Girls from a Distance

2012 - Black Comedy - Feature - Composer & Sound Designer (with Richard Falkner)

This ‘Stalker rom-com’ was the winner of the 2012 Make My Movie competition. In collaboration with Richard Falkner I wrote a genre-hopping score, which blended elements of noir and indie rock to tell the underdog's secret agent story.


Broken Glass

2012 - Broken Glass - Fantasy/Drama - Short - Composer

A fantastical short film about a child from a broken home who finds protection in a magical ally. The score’s epic/wondrous orchestral flavour was created on a tight budget by blending recordings of soloists with sampled elements