Tane’s musical capabilities are staggering and his skill at weaving an emotional state and journey completely enthralled and amazed me. Should it be for film, game design, theatre, concert or installation – whatever the medium – Tane can deliver originality, beauty and dynamic connection through his music.
— Sir Richard Taylor, Creative Director Weta Workshops NZ

A great score is the film director’s secret weapon. It flows from the heart of a story and creates profound human experiences that linger in our memories. I love helping a director to uncover the unique musical puzzle piece that brings their project to life

We create stories and experiences in all shapes and sizes, and music and sound need to mold to all incarnations. From a tightly structured timeline to a user-generated experience, from sitting in front of a screen to walking around a labyrinth, the possibilities are endless

Music is a powerful tool to create emotional connections, and paint mental pictures. I love working across the full genre spectrum with clients to craft a piece of music that sends exactly the message they need