Interactive / Live


Gallipoli: The Scale Of Our War

September 2014 – April 2015

An immersive and innovative exhibition artistically directed by New Zealand's renowned Weta Workshops. For the exhibition I created an hour long cinematic score and sound design written to open out the emotional worlds of diary entries from selected characters of the era.

Recorded by the magnificent New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, the score and sound make up a 100+ channel journey of interlocking pieces that visitors to the exhibition move through at their own pace.



2015 - Interactive - Composer & Sound Designer

STILL is an interactive digital memorial commissioned as part of the commemorations for the centenary of WW1. The work connects three international locations with an evolving meditative experience. 

The generative music-scape develops infinitely and reacts to user motions, immersing them in the experience of the artwork.


2016 The Devil’s Half-Acre

2016 - Theatre - Composer & Sound Designer

A 90min play about the turn of the century slums of Dunedin and a dark presence. The score has a rough around the edges angular folk feeling, incorporating world elements that reflect the cultural melting pot that Dunedin was at the time.



2014 - Composer & Sound Designer

A thriller play about government surveillance and dark conspiracies. The score has an experimental electronic ‘resampled’ feel, evoking the scratchy recordings and digital artefacts of surveillance technology


The Squickerwonkers

2014 - Audio Book - Composer & Sound Designer

This spooky children’s tale from author and actress Evangaline Lilly features a lopsided jaunty score, and creepy creaky sound design (including a lively voice performance from actor Sylvester McCoy).



2014 - Composer & Sound Designer

A play about love, string theory and euthanasia that explores an infinity of possible realities for one couple’s relationship. The score swings from the cosmic to the more contained and human, with beautiful but unadorned string quartet and solo violin performances



2014 - Composer & Sound Designer

This play featured in the 2014 New Zealand International Arts Festival. The score and soundscape create a surreal merging of Maori, French and European cultures, nightmarish and euphoric visions.


The Bookbinder

2014 - Ongoing - Composer

This charming one-man fantasy theatre piece has received multiple five star reviews and featured spots at international festivals. The score and sound design begin by emanating from an old gramophone on set, but progress to envelop the audience in a warm symphonic sound.


Broken River

2013 - Composer & Sound Designer

A magic realist play set in the 'wild west' of modern day Otago New Zealand. The score blends the country vibe of banjos and harmonicas with unexpected surrealist elements



2013 - Composer & Sound Designer

A promenade theatre piece in which the audience take multiple paths through interactive scenes that occur during the horrific 1918 NZ influenza pandemic. The sound design performs an immersive realistic role, while the score is used to shift gears into moments of reflective montage


Joseph K

2013 - Composer & Sound Designer

A darkly humorous play based on Kafka's 'The Trial'. The score features an unnerving collection of custom programmed virtual instruments, many birthed from the human voice, evoking the paranoia of a man being strangled by an oppressive society but remaining oddly playful


The Road that wasn't there

2013 - Ongoing - Composer & Sound Designer

A dark magical play for children that has enjoyed international touring since 2012. The score weaves in and out of the narration and puppetry creating a seamless storytelling experience


Gizza Hoon

2013 - Composer & Sound Designer

An over the top dance show featuring an original album of deeply satirical top 40-inspired pop tracks.


Project Born

2012 - Composer & Sound Designer

An extravaganza stage show directed by Weta Workshops as a charity initiative to raise funds for the New Zealand Neo Natal Trust. I gladly donated my services composing a range of high intensity tracks, ranging from catwalk inspired house music to stomping bayou blues.