Take a look behind the scenes at the making of some past projects

 The music of oat the goat

A short peek behind the scenes of creating the score to award winning interactive animation ‘Oat The Goat’, featuring the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.

The Music of Judgment Tavern

Director Dean Hewison and I show you how we dreamed up the score to dark fantasy short ‘Judgment Tavern’, featuring a rusty saw, attic springs, and players from the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.

End of Term – Behind the Music

Director Chaz Harris and I talk about creating the music for apocalyptic teen web series ‘End of Term’ and the joys of gradually mutating and destroying a theme from episode to episode.


The last in a series of videos that document Weta Workshop and Te Papa’s amazing process on the ‘Gallipoli- The Scale of Our War’ exhibition, the first part of this shows me working with the NZSO to record the emotional orchestral score.