Gallipoli: The Scale Of Our War

An innovative immersive exhibition by New Zealand's renowned Weta Workshops. I created an hour-long cinematic score and sound design to drop visitors into the intense emotional worlds real-life characters from the time.

Recorded by the magnificent New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, the soundscape makes up a 100+ channel journey of interlocking pieces that can be moved through at any pace.

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End of Term

A web series about a group of high school teenagers trapped in the middle of an apocalyptic viral outbreak. Over the course of the series the score sickens and mutates from familiar high energy action music to darkly unsettling industrial. My work on the music and sound picked up both the "Best Original Score: Drama" and "Best Sound Design: Drama" awards at the 2016 LA Webfest

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Judgment Tavern

A high production value dark fantasy short film. We I took an exploratory approach to the fantasy horror score, combining stunning performances from members of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and Tudor Consort with such left field sounds as the Japanese koto and bowed attic-staircase springs.

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Jing Ling Master

A wild 3D animated pitch short for an upcoming children's action feature which I scored and sound designed. The score blends traditional elements of Chinese Opera with the western orchestra for a fun-filled martial arts extravaganza



A short film about a homeless man who sees future disasters in his dreams. The score creates an unsettling minimalist electronic bed, concentrating on drones and sub frequencies to shake the cinema for visceral impact


On The Conditions and Possibilities of Hillary Clinton Taking Me As Her Young Lover

A ludicrous 40min film about a young man determined to woo Hillary Clinton who is stopped at the USA border. The music is an unusual mixture of sweeping Disney-esque orchestra and low fi retro organs, written to tell the tale from the somewhat deranged perspective of the lead character

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The Devils Half Acre

A 90min play about the turn of the century slums of Dunedin and a dark presence. The score has as rough around the edges angular folk feeling, incorporating world elements that reflect the cultural melting pot that Dunedin was at the time.

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A thriller play about government surveillance and dark conspiracies. The score has an experimental electronic ‘resampled’ feel, evoking the scratchy recordings and digital artefacts of surveillance technology

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Broken River

A magic realist play set in the 'wild west' of modern day Otago New Zealand. The score blends the country vibe of banjos and harmonicas with unexpected surrealist elements

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Joseph k

A darkly humorous play based on Kafka's 'The Trial'. The score features an unnerving collection of custom programmed virtual instruments, many birthed from the human voice, evoking the paranoia of a man being strangled by an oppressive society but remaining oddly playful

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A play about love, string theory and euthanasia that explores an infinity of possible realities for one couple’s relationship. The score swings from the cosmic to the more contained and human, with beautiful but unadorned string quartet and solo violin performances

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Broken Glass

A fantastical short film about a child from a broken home who finds protection in a magical ally. The score’s epic/wondrous orchestral flavour was created on a tight budget by blending multiple dubs of soloists with sampled elements

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The Road That Wasn't There

A dark magical play for children that has enjoyed international touring since 2012. The score weaves in and out of the narration and puppetry creating a seamless storytelling experience

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Along Beside

A short film about the fleeting reunion and strained relationship of a brother and sister. The score has an indie electronica/ambient flavor, evoking the emptiness of a 20 something's struggling to find direction in life.