Die Like a Shark

2019 - Drama/Sport - Short - Composer

An aging fighter's life falls apart as he refuses to face the end of his once bright career. Written and directed by Nick Epstein.

Blue Moon Poster Final.jpg

Blue Moon

2018 - Thriller - Feature Film - Composer

When a man is found dead in the petrol station run by Horace Jones (Mark Hadlow), a surprising opportunity arises to get rid of some debt. But things get complicated when a menacing customer (Jed Brophy) shows up looking for the dead man’s money.

Shot entirely on an iPhone at a petrol station in Motueka, Blue Moon is the third feature from writer/director Stefen Harris, who used his years as a police officer as inspiration for what goes on in the wee small hours.

ENCOUNTERS poster.jpg


2017 - Drama/Comedy - Feature Film - Composer

Encounters is a multi-genre anthology film interweaving stories of chance meetings leading to a rollercoaster ride of reflections on life, loss and love. Eight emerging New Zealand directors and a diverse group of local cast and crew tell tales ranging from delightful to disturbing, romantic to rebellious.

Cold Fish.jpg

Cold Fish

2017 - Drama/Arthouse - Short - Composer & Sound Designer

An old man stands at the waters edge contemplating suicide. The score to this stirring festival short is built up from of dissonant layers of synth, icy strings and strange metallic clangour



2016 - Family/Drama - Short - Composer

Set in New Zealand in the 1970s, Possum is a tale of two young brothers who accompany their lumberjack father to a forest campsite. At odds with each other, the two hatch a plan to head into the woods and hunt for a notorious possum named Scar. The score is a warm mix of gypsy jazz, string quartet, and nimble clarinet.


2016 - Thriller - Short - Composer & Sound Designer

A short thriller with a dark twist about a homeless man who sees future disasters in his dreams. The score is a minimalist electronic bed of rising and falling distortion and sub frequencies which heighten the film’s visceral impact. REM won Best Sound Design at the LA Independent Film Festival Awards August 2016

End of term

2015 - Horror/Thriller - Web series - Composer & Sound Designer

A web series about a group of high school teenagers trapped in the middle of an apocalyptic viral outbreak. Over the course of the series the score sickens and mutates from familiar high energy action music to darkly unsettling industrial. My composition and sound design work on the series was recognised at the 2016 LA Webfest where it was awarded both "Best Original Score: Drama" and "Best Sound Design: Drama"

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On the Conditions and Possibilities of Hillary Clinton Taking Me
As Her Young Lover

2016 - Comedy/Drama – Short - Composer & Sound Designer

A ludicrous 40min film about a young man determined to woo Hillary Clinton who is stopped at the USA border. The music is an unusual mixture of sweeping Disney-esque orchestra and low fi retro organs, written to tell the tale from the deranged perspective of the lead character

Judgment Tavern

2015 - Fantasy/Thriller – Short – Composer

A high production value dark fantasy short film. I took an exploratory approach to a fantasy horror score, combining stunning performances from members of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and Tudor Consort with left field sounds like a Japanese koto and bowing the springs from an attic-staircase. 

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Jing ling Master

2014 - Animation/Action – Short - Composer & Sound Designer

A wild 3D animated pitch short for an upcoming children's action feature which I scored and sound designed. The score blends traditional elements of Chinese Opera with the western orchestra for a fun-filled martial arts extravaganza


2014 - Period Drama – Short – Composer

A 15min period drama about early NZ settlers. The score is simple and melodically driven featuring piano quintet with a touch of Taonga Puoro

Broken Glass

2012 - Fantasy/Drama - Short - Composer

A fantastical short about a child from a broken home who finds protection in a magical ally. The score’s wondrous orchestral flavour was created on a shoestring budget by layering recordings of soloists with samples

Actually alex

2014 -  Drama – Short – Composer

An emotionally honest trans-gender short about a troubled reunion. The indie rock score swings easily between tenderness and raw angst.

ALong Beside

2014 - Drama - Short - Composer & Sound Designer

A short film about the fleeting reunion and strained relationship of a brother and sister. The score has an indie electronica/ambient flavour, evoking the emptiness of a 20something's struggling to find direction in life. 

Sound Sleep

2015 -  Drama - Short - Composer

A surreal short with an emotional gut punch ending, created as part of the annual 48hours filmmaking competition. The score was awarded the National Best Score prize for 2015, as well as the film receiving a coveted Peter Jackson Wildcard award.

The Sleeping plot

2013 - Black Comedy - Short - Composer

This 48hours short won the Grand National Prize for 2013, and featured a cheeky score with equal mixes of innocent and creepy. The film has gone on to feature at Fantastic Fest and is currently being incorporated into an American anthology of dark short films


2015 - Animation - Short - Sound Designer, Score Mixer

A darkly comic animated short about a world-wide meat crisis, and a scientist who finds an unexpected solution. The sound design brims with squelching and gore as experiments are carried out and the ‘Shmeat’ grows.

How to meet Girls from a Distance

2012 - Black Comedy - Feature - Composer & Sound Designer (with Richard Falkner)

This ‘Stalker rom-com’ was the winner of the 2012 Make My Movie competition. In collaboration with Richard Falkner I wrote a genre-hopping score, which blended elements of noir and indie rock to tell the underdog's secret agent story.

Interactive / Live


Gallipoli: The Scale Of Our War

September 2014 – April 2015 - Interactive - Composer & Sound Designer

An immersive and innovative exhibition artistically directed by New Zealand's renowned Weta Workshops. For the exhibition I created an hour long cinematic score and sound design written to open out the emotional worlds of diary entries from selected characters of the era.

Recorded by the magnificent New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, the score and sound make up a 100+ channel journey of interlocking pieces that visitors to the exhibition move through at their own pace.

Head to the Behind the Scenes page to see some of the making of this project

Bug Lab detailed.jpg
Inside Dangerous Skies

Oat the Goat

2018 - Interactive - Composer

Oat the Goat is an interactive online storybook created by the Ministry of Education in association with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra as part of a national anti bullying campaign. As Oat progresses on his adventure, Readers make choices for him, and the emotional outcomes of these is communicated through a rich symphonic score and traditional Maori Taonga Pūoro. 

The story has had huge exposure across New Zealand and won the hearts of a families, teachers, and children, continuing to pick up industry awards for design and innovation.

Bug Lab

2016 - Interactive - Composer & Sound Designer

Bug Lab is an immersive exhibition created by Weta Workshop and Te Papa Museum of New Zealand featuring gigantic highly detailed sculptures of bugs and a rich alien soundscape of original music and sound design that feels as if it has been made by the bugs themselves.

Innovative sound design and scoring techniques were used to create an eclectic sonic environment that seamlessly morphs as visitors move through the different zones, and reacts dynamically to user input from games and interactives.


Omaka Dangerous Skies

2016 - Interactive - Composer & Sound Designer

Omaka Dangerous Skies is a World War II exhibition featuring a number of rare and restored aircraft and an immersive soundscape of interlocking sound design and orchestral compositions throughout the open plan space.

A highlight of this exhibition is the 'Stalingrad Experience', an large scale immersive video experience that simulates being in the heart of Stalingrad during a bombing raid through vivid animation and violently realistic surrounding sound design. 



2015 - Interactive - Composer & Sound Designer

STILL is an interactive digital memorial commissioned as part of the commemorations for the centenary of WW1. The work connects three international locations with an evolving meditative experience. 

The generative music-scape develops infinitely and reacts to user motions, immersing them in the experience of the artwork.


2016 The Devil’s Half-Acre

2016 - Theatre - Composer & Sound Designer

A 90min play about the turn of the century slums of Dunedin and a dark presence. The score has a rough around the edges angular folk feeling, incorporating world elements that reflect the cultural melting pot that Dunedin was at the time.


2014 - Composer & Sound Designer

A thriller play about government surveillance and dark conspiracies. The score has an experimental electronic ‘resampled’ feel, evoking the scratchy recordings and digital artefacts of surveillance technology


The Squickerwonkers Series

2014 - 2017 - 2018 - 2019 - Audio Book - Composer & Sound Designer

These spooky children’s tale from author and actress Evangaline Lilly features a lopsided jaunty score, and creepy creaky sound design (including a lively voice performance from actor Sylvester McCoy).

The Squickerwonkers Series is The Squickerwonkers (2014), The Squickerwonkers: The Demise of Selma the Spoiled (2017), The Squickerwonkers: The Demise of Lorna the Lazy (2018) and The Squickerwonkers: The Demise of Andy the Arrogant (2019).

promisedland cover.jpg

Promised Land

2014 - Audio Book - Composer & Sound Designer

Promised Land is an illustrated LGBTQ themed children’s book written by Adam Reynolds & Chaz Harris and narrated by the award-winning actress Geraldine Brophy.

Maiden Voyage

2018 - Audio Book - Composer & Sound Designer

Maiden Voyage is the follow-up to the internationally acclaimed LGBTQ themed fairytale Promised Land. 
Written by Jaimee Poipoi, Adam Reynolds & Chaz Harris.



2014 - Composer & Sound Designer

A play about love, string theory and euthanasia that explores an infinity of possible realities for one couple’s relationship. The score swings from the cosmic to the more contained and human, with beautiful but unadorned string quartet and solo violin performances

TROLL ralph.jpg


2017 - Composer & Sound Designer

Music composition and sound design on the theatre show Troll. Troll was written and performed by Ralph McCubbin Howell and directed by Charlotte Bradley.


2017 - Composer

Music composition for the theatre show Magicians.



2014 - Composer & Sound Designer

This play featured in the 2014 New Zealand International Arts Festival. The score and soundscape create a surreal merging of Maori, French and European cultures, nightmarish and euphoric visions.

The Bookbinder

2014 - Ongoing - Composer

This charming one-man fantasy theatre piece has received multiple five star reviews and featured spots at international festivals. The score and sound design begin by emanating from an old gramophone on set, but progress to envelop the audience in a warm symphonic sound.

Broken River

2013 - Composer & Sound Designer

A magic realist play set in the 'wild west' of modern day Otago New Zealand. The score blends the country vibe of banjos and harmonicas with unexpected surrealist elements


2013 - Composer & Sound Designer

A promenade theatre piece in which the audience take multiple paths through interactive scenes that occur during the horrific 1918 NZ influenza pandemic. The sound design performs an immersive realistic role, while the score is used to shift gears into moments of reflective montage

Joseph K

2013 - Composer & Sound Designer

A darkly humorous play based on Kafka's 'The Trial'. The score features an unnerving collection of custom programmed virtual instruments, many birthed from the human voice, evoking the paranoia of a man being strangled by an oppressive society but remaining oddly playful

The Road that wasn't there

2013 - Ongoing - Composer & Sound Designer

A dark magical play for children that has enjoyed international touring since 2012. The score weaves in and out of the narration and puppetry creating a seamless storytelling experience


Project Born

2012 - Composer & Sound Designer

An extravaganza stage show directed by Weta Workshops as a charity initiative to raise funds for the New Zealand Neo Natal Trust. I gladly donated my services composing a range of high intensity tracks, ranging from catwalk inspired house music to stomping bayou blues.


The Zingoshi Chronicles: Episode 0

2017- Composer

Music composition and sound design on the game The Zingoshi Chronicles: Episode 0.


Dr Grordborts: Invaders

2017 - Composer: Additional Music

Additional music for the game Dr Grordborts: Invaders.




David Reid Homes

2017 - TVC - Composer


Kellogs All Bran ‘Trust Your Gut’

2015 - TVC - Composer

2018 - TVC - Composer & Sound Designer


Gallipoli The Scale of Our War

2015 - TVC - Composer & Sound Designer



2015 - TVC - Composer & Sound Designer


2015 - TVC - Composer


Weta Workshops Pukeahu War Memorial Pitch

2015 - Composer & Sound Designer


February 2015 – February 2015